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With You Always

What is Family Catechesis?

Parents are the first teachers of their children in faith.

Family catechesis supports the ‘domestic church’ by assisting parents in leading their own children in the lifelong call to follow Jesus within the community of the church.

‘With You Always’ - Restoring the Order of the Sacraments of Initiation

Archdiocesan Working party

“It has become clear through the discussions that simply restoring the order of the sacraments will not address the issues that cause concern: a major change is needed in the way we celebrate and bear witness to our faith through our sacramental practice. Parents, as the ‘first and most important teachers of their children in the ways of faith’ need the wholehearted support of all the baptized in this important ministry. This will require a fundamental shift in our approach from merely delivering programmes of preparation for the sacraments to developing opportunities for ongoing celebration and formation for sacramental living. Within that context, the Working Party members are especially concerned to ensure that what they propose will result in an increase in the local church’s engagement with families and young people:.

The Archbishop took the decision to restore the order of the sacraments of initiation and to introduce a family catechesis approach, supported by parishes and schools.

What is Family Catechesis?


Launching Family Catechesis


Changes in the order of sacraments


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